10 strangers are thrust together in a gruelling race along a legendary fur trade route

The Brigade: Race To the Hudson is the first cooperative competition series that forces its cast to work together to conquer an epic wilderness expedition. This is a journey that can’t be tackled alone.

Inspired by the heroic exploits of the North American fur traders, a brave group of 10 men and women form a modern day brigade and embark on a life-changing adventure. They travel thousands of miles by canoe, horseback, and foot navigating wild rivers, endless forests, and icy mountains as they tackle the “York Factory Express”, a historic route so punishing and dangerous it hasn’t been attempted in over 200 years.

The Brigade carries no modern day navigational aids with them – no GPS, no Google maps, just tried and true map and compass to guide them. The entire competitive journey is self-propelled and self-navigated.

Along the way, there are no eliminations. Every team member is crucial to success.  Those who complete the expedition in the time allotted will share the prize money.

It’s a paddling odyssey unlike any other.